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Medene is a brand that offers you a real solution to get be^er. These are products to manage your stress, gain energy, be^er live your menstrual periods, have skin you want, have healthy hair. • Made in France And of course, Safe to use We live in a world that goes at 100 per hour, that we tend to forget ourselves, that we are stressed by the future, that we think that everything is be^er elsewhere, that results in multiple problems that can spoil our lives! Who is Medene For? For those who want a natural methods but are neither chemists nor pharmacists! For those who are tired of using DIY! For those who want to do good for their body but also want to feel good in their head (Medene also gives you practical advice to apply to strive for a be^er well-being). Medene comes from Socrates's quote “Meden agan” which means “Nothing too much”.