Best-in-class selection

All products we offer are reviewed by our community of beauty enthusiasts, guided by our carefully set selection parameters. We are ingredient nerds and take extreme pleasure in diving deep into ingredient lists, eliminating products that contain any one of the banned ingredients (our homegrown but well-researched list of dubious ingredients).

& relevant editorial

While we strive to build an inclusive marketplace, it is also important that our brand partners hold dear similar values. But action speak louder than words, so we inspect for the reflection of inclusive philosophies in our partners’ mission, assortment, editorial as well. Once the products pass that “sniff test” they are inducted into the Joly Community.

from trusted sources

The products are then scrutinized by an independent panel of dermatologists, estheticians, makeup artists and other beauty enthusiasts. With the discernment of our diverse panel, if the products get a “go ahead” from them, they proceed in the hurdle race to win the hearts & minds of our customers.